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Shoot The Shiitake with Father Leo

Aug 30, 2018

Fr. Leo meets missionary Friar Fr. Joseph Mary Dean to discuss World Meeting of Families and issues about Ireland.

Aug 23, 2018

Fr. Leo learns how to deal with all the horrible news about the evils of the sex abuse schedules from a priest ordained only 2 years ago! Lots to learn and lots of encouragement needed in this ongoing sex scandal tragedy a the hands of priests and mismanagement by Bishops! 

Aug 16, 2018

Join Fr. Leo & Gus Lloyd and 150 other pilgrims as they take questions from fellow pilgrims on a cruise ship on the Danube River! It's a different episode, but a lot of fun, and you learn a lot more from Fr. Leo - and even hear him sing a song he wrote! 

Aug 9, 2018

American Football, Bar Tender, Hungarian, Protestant and a "fan" of the Plating Grace Movement, Ben Lyons from Cleveland Ohio, by way of Budapest, Hungary joins Fr. Leo and tells him what he's learned about America, his faith, and his future! 

Aug 2, 2018

Fr. Leo share his thoughts on the former Cardinal McCarrick sex abuse scandal. He doesn't have a guest, because some of his brother priests didn't want to get behind microphone. But, Fr. Leo isn't scared to share a perspective to help find a solution, rather than just throwing stones.