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Shoot The Shiitake with Father Leo

Jul 27, 2018

Take a ride with Fr. Leo and guest Les, adopted foster child, compassionate aide for a group with intellectual disabilities, soccer loving, underdog supporting Englishman who preaches some awesome truths.

#uber, lyft, social, underdog, orphan, foster care, mental disability, soccer, englishman, catholic church, priest,...

Jul 19, 2018

Fr. Leo interviews EmilyWilsonMinistries.Com to learn about women in the world, a deeper understanding of feminism, and why the church considers women as "Geniuses".

#Woman, Women, Spiritual, Feminist, Feminism, Catholic, Fr. Leo, Emily Wilson Ministries, Male, Men, Steubenville University, Catholic, Speaker, Youth...

Jul 12, 2018

Fr. Leo meets a young conservative monarchist, who thinks that people associate Hungarians to Porn Stars. It's a show about tradition, communism, immigration and life for a normal millennial monarchist. It's a uniquely weird and even edifying conversation in an open market square in Budapest - one of my favorite cities...

Jul 5, 2018

Fishing, pot smoking, dude culture helps Fr. Leo to become a better priest!

#pot, weed, smoking, fishing, dudes, Fr. Leo, priest, faith, catholic, Jesus, bible, Oregon, California, Kayak fishing, hook, line, sinker, humility, awesome, wow, relaxing, chilling, content