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Shoot The Shiitake with Father Leo

Jan 31, 2019

Fr. Leo and Johnny Gillespie of Balanced Athlete discuss Yoga, as found in the BIBLE? And, mindfulness as a "Catholic Spirituality," and I learn how to use exercise my feet and stand properly!

Jan 24, 2019

Fr. Leo interviews "Righteous B" tattooed, hiphop rapping, "dirty vagabond" Catholic minister. #tattoos. Are tattoos sinful?

Jan 17, 2019

Fr. Leo shares his thoughts to give a helpful perspective on all the debate regarding immigration and President Trump's recent Oval Office Address. He gives his perspective as a Catholic Priest, a Political Science Student and Immigrant, and a professional chef who has to feed people on both sides of the border!

Jan 10, 2019

This week, I interview two very special people at the Kerygma Conference in the Philippines. I was invited to be the keynote speaker in November 2018. It was honor, but even more a blessing to meet so many great people. Listen to this episode and you’ll hear how life is messy, and it leads us feeling blind. But, Faith...

Jan 3, 2019

Fr. Leo interviews TV Host, Author and Speaker Chris Stefanik about what it means to live as a "real catholic," especially in todays world!!